Few years ago, we worked on an architectural competition for Guggenheim  museum. Our team worked day and night for six months, starting from scratch to every detail. We felt we were closer from our dream to reality day by day… but at the end, there is a thousand dreams from all over the world. and only one can be chosen.Of cause, we were not that lucky.

Till one day we saw a rendering of our own art works displayed in this Avantgarde museum, suddenly, we feel so released about the result. At least, our six months effort are not in vain. After second thought, why not we can use this design to create a virtual art museum.

This is how we came up with this idea of using an real architectural plan to build up a virtual art museum, and we named it “SITONCLOUD”. This museum will exist immortally in the digital cloud.The only criteria for selections of artists is their passion for art. we would like to dedicate this museum to all the artists who share their art inspirations to us.

Even curating is virtual, we (architect) want everything to be perfect. We made each exhibition a post. We allocate each exhibition in a specific room. We set up each day as a sunny day. And the milky sun light diffuse into our exhibition room, and gently cover our art works. They are respected as if they are in the best museum in the world.